Become a Volunteer!


Who We Are

The Flint-Gresham Volunteer Fire Department is a combination department, staffed during weekdays, 8AM to 5PM, by paid career firefighters. At night and on the weekends, the Flint-Gresham Volunteer Fire Department is staffed solely by volunteers from the community.

Flint-Gresham volunteers are as diverse as the citizens of Flint and Gresham. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. We are students, police officers, career firefighters, accountants, doctors, business owners, teachers, mechanics, postal workers, and everything in between; all brought together with the same passion for serving our community.

What It Takes

Joining the Flint-Gresham Volunteer Fire Department requires no prior fire experience! In fact, many of our members joined having never worked in any public service capacity before and have learned all they know about the fire service by responding to calls and attending department provided training.

We ask that our members have some basic qualities before they join the department; qualities that are necessary for your own safety and the safety of the citizens of Smith County.

  • Good Physical Health

  • Sound Moral Character

  • Desire to Learn

  • Commitment to Community

Applicants must live within 10 minutes of a station (following all traffic laws), be at least 18 years of age, pass a drug screening, and submit to a criminal background check. We expect our members to respond to at least 10% of our calls, sign up for at least 2 nights of "on-call" activity per month, and regularly attend meetings and training.

New applications are accepted on the first and third Mondays of each month during our regularly scheduled department meetings. The application process can take between one and two months to complete.

For additional information and an application packet, please contact us using the below form.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer! We will be in touch shortly with more information.